Vladimir’s Ride (A Story In Verse)

Part I
Listen my children, and you shall hear,
Of the midnight ride of Vladimir.
On the sixteenth of March, two-thousand fourteen,
The start of the ride was finally seen.
Crimea voted “yes” in the event of the year,
thus started the plan of dear Vladimir.
He said to his friend, “We must take control:
First Crimea, then the East, then Ukraine as a whole.
We must raise our flag as a symbolic sight,
One be by day, two be by night.
And I on the opposite shore shall be,
Mounted on horse, no shirt be on me.
Thus started the ride of dear Vladimir.
In the Western world, there came a roar,
As Vladimir rode onto Ukrainian shore.
“You cannot do that!” the West did say.
“We’ll impose sanctions if you don’t go away!”
And when Russia opposed, seven countries so great,
Chose to kick Russia out of the G-eight.
But the Western world was still in fear,
As continued the ride of dear Vladimir.
Part II
As the ride went on, tensions started to ease,
It seemed Vladimir was finally pleased.
The news in the West had shifted its focus,
Not a care was given of such hocus pocus.
But our man Vladimir still rode with great power,
As many pro-Russians came out by the hour.
All the while his army was lining the border.
Despite the West saying “Pull Back! That’s an order!”
When there was no retreat, tensions did again appear,
Once again starting the plan of dear Vladimir.
At Vladimir’s call East Ukraine was invaded,
The stability in the region had all but faded.
However, our Vladimir was not behind it all,
Random pro-Russian gathered under one rally call.
“Annex Ukraine!” They all did yell.
“Bring back our old leader, or you’ll surely see hell!”
Such a chaotic ride of dear Vladimir.
The police and protesters began to clash,
It seemed hope of peace was gone in a flash.
Vladimir pressured Ukraine withholding all power,
No electricity or oil, oh a tactic so sour!
The West kept condemning, but made no clear sign,
That they would stop Vladimir in the near future of time.
Thus Russia continued to spread panic and fear,
As continues the ride of dear Vladimir.
This story is property of the author. Please e-mail admin@iammwright.com for permission to use this poem either in it’s entirety or an excerpt. Poem by M. Wright.



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