Steps to Succeed: Having Goals

People with clear, written goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine.

Brian Tracy

There is a process to succeeding in life, and the foundation of that process is setting goals along the way. Someone who has no direction ends up lost, but someone who knows what he is headed toward will find the path to get there. But how can we make goal-setting effective?

To start, you must first have your “major Goal” (notice the capital “G”). This Goal is what you are hoping to succeed in the long run. Maybe your Goal is simply to find your Goal, which is the case of many people. However, in order to obtain such a Goal, we must work towards “minor goals.” These minor goals help up stay focused in the long-run, for it is easier to stay on the path when we can see what we are trying to obtain. When we simply focus on the major Goal, we loose focus on the details and careful work we have to put into our daily lives to get there. Thus minor goals help us make sure we are doing everything right.

To make an example, say your Goal is to go to a major university. You would then, as a freshman in high school, have the minor goal of finishing your studies and homework every night to receive the grades you need. If you start to struggle in a certain class, you can change your minor goal to spending an extra 15 minutes a night on that subject. As you become an upperclassmen, your goals become college oriented, such as gaining scholarships and getting decent scores on tests.

Remember though, that no matter what your Goal is, once you achieve it, you always must have another goal. What is life if we are not constantly trying to better ourselves? We cannot simply be satisfied with ourselves at any point: we must constantly find ways to improve. That is how you can succeed, and in fact without goals one cannot have success.


One thought on “Steps to Succeed: Having Goals

  1. Mary says:

    If your Goal is to get to heaven, then you need to set those little goals along the way. All have the same goal: to be saints! What goals will you set to make that happen? Something to chew on…


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