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Best Free Apps on the Apple App Store. (Week 2)

This evening, I am glad to say we are finally doing my favorite type of app in the App Store: Quick Fix games. (Or in other words, games you can play in an extra five minutes).

Best Quick Fix Games

Winner: Bejeweled Blitz.
This app is not only fun and addicting, but can become fierce competition between you and your Facebook friends. What makes this game great is that it’s only a 60 second burst, so that you can play a full round in spare time. The only downfall is that having not having competition with friends may make it less enjoyable, but still a great, fun app.

Runner Up: Flow Free
This app is a puzzle game where you have to try to solve color-coded patterns and charts. Its downfall is that it can get quite hard and it is confusing at first, but the game itself is quite nice. It really is addicting!


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