Steps to Succeed: Do Not Worry About Mistakes

Last time in Steps to Succeed, we talked about the very foundation of success: having goals. Now that you are working towards your goals, we will tell you how to achieve them.

If Miley Cyrus has ever said or done anything right, it was a song she sang as Hannah Montana called Everybody Makes Mistakes. This could not be any more true to ourselves. We will all fail and make mistakes, the problem is what do we do when we think we blew our chances? How can we bounce back, even if we think we can’t.

First of all, you need to look at your mistake from a broader perspective. Can you really do nothing to fix it? That almost never happens, and you must remember to think of every possible solution that you can. If there isn’t one, wait and see if it will come to you. If it doesn’t, then you must remember that you can still achieve your Goal, just change your goals. That’s why the goal process talked about in the last post is great: it can fix itself.

The next thing we need to remember is to not dwell on our mistakes. When we dwell on our mistakes, we tend to loose focus on what we are supposed to be doing right. The negative attitude we can obtain when focusing on what’s “wrong” is counterproductive to the overall effort we want to put into our goals. Do not worry about mistakes. They will happen, and you can (almost) always fix them completely.

However, while you do not want to dwell on past mistakes, it is always important to gather what you can do better next time so that it won’t happen again. Plus, not only won’t the same mistake happen, but we can prevent it from spiraling out of control and making other mistakes as well.

So like your parents may have told you: make your mistakes… And learn from them.

This is Part 2 of Steps to Succeed


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