Steps to Succeed: Every Decision Counts

You’ve set your goals and now you’re trying to do everything you can to obtain them – but what can you really do? What counts when you are making a choice to work towards your goal. Well, just know that every decision you make could affect the success of your goal.

What does this mean? Well, say your goal is to become a manager at McDonald’s (just an example…. After all, anyone from any background can succeed in their goals). As a regular worker, the decision whether to offer to do a mop versus waiting to be asked, or the decision to make sure you do everything by the procedures rather than making “shortcuts” will determine if you get noticed.

Or say your a student in college, trying to pass a super hard math class. A hockey game is on tonight, but you really know you need some practice with derivatives (you know what I mean if you have ever taken calculus). Instead of watching the game, you decide to do EXTRA problems to make sure you are doing the problems correctly. Although your friends may be having a game party, you made the tough choice to “be lame” and study.

This is the point exactly. Even the choices we make that seem minor can be very hard to make, but have a major outcome on the success we have. Don’t take the easy way…. Take the right way.


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