Tuesday Tips

Tuesday Tips: Ways to Save Money Continued

Last week, we talked about some ways to save and make money. Expanding on that idea, here are some more ideas for your wallet to expand, some you even submitted!

Cut out unnecessary bills – Whether it be Netflix, cable, the land line that just racks up phony calls, or reducing bills such as opting to a limited minutes (or data) plan for your cell phone, this is a somewhat difficult but a great way to save BIG cash,

Buy online or buy used/out of season – What may be a blow to the ego for some people is actually a great way to save some money. Rather than paying full price for a brand new, in style purse, you can just buy a gently used older one for under half the price. As for buying online, it must be noted that you have to shop well – some items will cost the same in the store, and also be wary of the price of shipping.

Use your talents to benefit you – Good in math? On average, tutors make about 15 dollars an hour! Once you get some background in the business, it can really start going (I know this from personal experience). Also, if you are good at art or crafts, consider selling your goods at a bazaar or on a website like Etsy.com. Maybe your good with kids? Consider babysitting! Share your tutoring and babysitting business with people looking for tutors or sitters on Care.com. Dog care more your thing? Lots of people can no longer go outside to pick up the dog’s mess (or don’t want to do it), or simply can’t take their dog on a walk! There are lots of opportunities out there!


Comment some of your own ways to save money!


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