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Tuesday Tips – Books You Should Read Pt. II

Last time on Tuesday Tips, we asked what books you would recommend for the top books you should read before you die. Here are the top responses we received:

1. 1984 – George Orwell

This book may not have come true, however, many of the ideas that are presented in this book connect to the present day. This bizarre book will either leave you fulfilled or completely baffled and angry! Take a risk and see if you love or hate this book!

2. The Lord of the Rings – J.R.R. Tolkien

This book received overwhelming support from our readers, and if you haven’t heard of it by now, you have been living under a rock. This may be one of the greatest modern adventures written in the English language. J.R.R. truly paid attention to the details when creating his world of Middle Earth.

3. Anything By Steven King

We received so many suggestions for numerous novels by Steven King that when combined together, they outnumbered the two novels above. Therefore, we decided that Mr. King should receive the honor of the number three spot, despite not necessarily having a novel in the top 3. His books tend to be odd and sometimes disturbing, but they will hook you in the first chapter. 


For the Class of 2014

Being together after all these years,
Through laughs and stress that both brought tears.
Pain and celebration made us one,
Now the journey is finally done.
Some will steer away from the path,
To find only hatred and fate’s painful wrath.
But let us all try hard to stay on the One Trail,
Leading us to the valley where Victors hail!


TechChatter – 5 Programs Every College Student Needs

So anyone in college knows how expensive a computer can be. They also know how expensive programs necessary for college students are on a computer. However, I always get asked two questions: what is the cheapest word processor, and what is the best anti-virus? Here are the answers!


1. Office 365 for Students By Microsoft

Not only is this much cheaper than buying the full version of Microsoft Office, but it updates automatically to the latest version of office, and gives you many more options for sharing your documents between networks and computers. Also, it  comes with practically every Office product!

2. Norton Antivirus By Systematic

This is the best antivirus software out there, and for some reason college students are most likely to loose a computer due to a virus. Remember also to update your computer.

Tuesday Tips

Tuesday Tips – Books You MUST Read Before You Die (Pt. I)

I have decided to compile of list of books you should most definitely read before you pass on. Even if you don’t like reading, hopefully this list will help you learn to love simple stories that touch the heart (even if you are a man).

  1. Night – Eli Weisel: This story of a holocaust survivor is pretty brutal, but I guarantee you will look at life a lot different after you read this book. This is a must read story… and it’s short!
  2. To Kill A Mockingbird – Harper Lee – This classic American novel certainly shows how a simply story can be such a masterpiece, and the lessons learned in Lee’s novel are applicable to anyone of any age.
  3. The Chronicles of Narnia Series – C.S. Lewis – While this series tends to cater to younger ages, these books are entertaining at any age. The magic in these books seem to seep through the pages.


Any suggestions? We’ll continue part 2 next week with your suggestions. Comment or e-mail at admin@iammwright.com