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Tuesday Tips – Books You Should Read Pt. II

Last time on Tuesday Tips, we asked what books you would recommend for the top books you should read before you die. Here are the top responses we received:

1. 1984 – George Orwell

This book may not have come true, however, many of the ideas that are presented in this book connect to the present day. This bizarre book will either leave you fulfilled or completely baffled and angry! Take a risk and see if you love or hate this book!

2. The Lord of the Rings – J.R.R. Tolkien

This book received overwhelming support from our readers, and if you haven’t heard of it by now, you have been living under a rock. This may be one of the greatest modern adventures written in the English language. J.R.R. truly paid attention to the details when creating his world of Middle Earth.

3. Anything By Steven King

We received so many suggestions for numerous novels by Steven King that when combined together, they outnumbered the two novels above. Therefore, we decided that Mr. King should receive the honor of the number three spot, despite not necessarily having a novel in the top 3. His books tend to be odd and sometimes disturbing, but they will hook you in the first chapter. 

Tuesday Tips

Tuesday Tips – Books You MUST Read Before You Die (Pt. I)

I have decided to compile of list of books you should most definitely read before you pass on. Even if you don’t like reading, hopefully this list will help you learn to love simple stories that touch the heart (even if you are a man).

  1. Night – Eli Weisel: This story of a holocaust survivor is pretty brutal, but I guarantee you will look at life a lot different after you read this book. This is a must read story… and it’s short!
  2. To Kill A Mockingbird – Harper Lee – This classic American novel certainly shows how a simply story can be such a masterpiece, and the lessons learned in Lee’s novel are applicable to anyone of any age.
  3. The Chronicles of Narnia Series – C.S. Lewis – While this series tends to cater to younger ages, these books are entertaining at any age. The magic in these books seem to seep through the pages.


Any suggestions? We’ll continue part 2 next week with your suggestions. Comment or e-mail at admin@iammwright.com


The Trail Now Ends…

Today, I received my Eagle Scout award, the highest rank you can earn in scouting. The ceremony came, went wonderfully, and then ended. However, when I arrived at home, I couldn’t seem to take off that tan shirt yet. I was overjoyed at the fact I finally had my Eagle Scout medal dangling over my Life Scout badge. I was proud that the red, white, and blue scarf hugged my neck, with the Eagle Scout slide holding it in place. I just couldn’t take it off.

However, evening came, and after I opened my gifts, I went up to the bathroom to take off my shirt. I looked in the mirror, and I paused. It dawned on me that this was it. This was the end of the Trail to Eagle. Now that I am 18, I can no longer wear most of the badges I wore on that uniform for years. My Arrow of Life, my Junior Assistant Scoutmaster, and most importantly my life badge would no longer be present on my uniform. That uniform has bore that life badge since I received it in 2009. For five years, the eagle in that heart has seen all of the ups and downs in scouting. I knew that once I took that shirt off, it would not be the same the next time I put it on. It would be bare, with nothing on the pockets except an OA flap. There would be no patrol patch, and I knew that there would only be two little knots recognizing that I earned my Arrow of Light and Eagle Scout. That is not the same as wearing the actual awards on my shirt, however it was time to call an end to my long scouting career. I took off the uniform, hung it up, and then thought… I am still an Eagle.


Written May 4th, 2014


TechChatter – Debit Card Safety

First it was the dollar bill. Then the convenience of checks came about. Then it was that little piece of plastic with a magnetic strip to make all of our purchases both in person or in the actual store. Those little cards, either debit or credit, have become a big source of talk over the last few months, especially since the Target system breech when millions of cards’ information were obtained by hackers. Are they safe? With the right protections, you should be able to feel confident (for the most part) when using your debit card.

For starters, let it be noted that using a debit card right now in a public place is slowing becoming a free offer to thefts as many stores and restaurants use Windows XP on their POS systems. As Microsoft no longer supports (as in they won’t update) the OS (Operating System), this means that as the holes in the system become exposed, the easier it is for hackers to obtain access to these systems. The solution? If you can’t avoid using your card(s) in these situations, try signing up for a service that sends you texts when you make a purchase with your card, or download your banking app so that you can see each purchase you make.

If you are using an ATM, make sure it is in a secured area, not isolated, and it by a trusted source, such as a bank or a credit union. Commonly ATMs are becoming collecting grounds for thieves looking for your information, placing skimmers and cameras over the pin pads to obtain your data. Always try to be discrete when typing in your password (put your hand over your typing hand).

And of course, when buying online, make sure you have a STRONG password. It is recommended that you change your password every six months, and if you haven’t done so in a while, do it now. About a month ago, there was a flaw called “Heartbleed” released, which basically exposed all your data, passwords, and information on almost every website to anyone who felt like spending a little time to obtain it. Also, never save debit cards on accounts like Amazon in case your account is hacked.


If you have any suggestions or questions, contact us at admin@iammwright.com or comment below!


Tuesday Tips

Tuesday Tips: Ways to Save Money Continued

Last week, we talked about some ways to save and make money. Expanding on that idea, here are some more ideas for your wallet to expand, some you even submitted!

Cut out unnecessary bills – Whether it be Netflix, cable, the land line that just racks up phony calls, or reducing bills such as opting to a limited minutes (or data) plan for your cell phone, this is a somewhat difficult but a great way to save BIG cash,

Buy online or buy used/out of season – What may be a blow to the ego for some people is actually a great way to save some money. Rather than paying full price for a brand new, in style purse, you can just buy a gently used older one for under half the price. As for buying online, it must be noted that you have to shop well – some items will cost the same in the store, and also be wary of the price of shipping.

Use your talents to benefit you – Good in math? On average, tutors make about 15 dollars an hour! Once you get some background in the business, it can really start going (I know this from personal experience). Also, if you are good at art or crafts, consider selling your goods at a bazaar or on a website like Etsy.com. Maybe your good with kids? Consider babysitting! Share your tutoring and babysitting business with people looking for tutors or sitters on Care.com. Dog care more your thing? Lots of people can no longer go outside to pick up the dog’s mess (or don’t want to do it), or simply can’t take their dog on a walk! There are lots of opportunities out there!


Comment some of your own ways to save money!


Steps to Succeed: Every Decision Counts

You’ve set your goals and now you’re trying to do everything you can to obtain them – but what can you really do? What counts when you are making a choice to work towards your goal. Well, just know that every decision you make could affect the success of your goal.

What does this mean? Well, say your goal is to become a manager at McDonald’s (just an example…. After all, anyone from any background can succeed in their goals). As a regular worker, the decision whether to offer to do a mop versus waiting to be asked, or the decision to make sure you do everything by the procedures rather than making “shortcuts” will determine if you get noticed.

Or say your a student in college, trying to pass a super hard math class. A hockey game is on tonight, but you really know you need some practice with derivatives (you know what I mean if you have ever taken calculus). Instead of watching the game, you decide to do EXTRA problems to make sure you are doing the problems correctly. Although your friends may be having a game party, you made the tough choice to “be lame” and study.

This is the point exactly. Even the choices we make that seem minor can be very hard to make, but have a major outcome on the success we have. Don’t take the easy way…. Take the right way.

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Tuesday Tips: Easy Ways to Save (or Make) Money

If there is one thing that I believe in, it is being very careful with money. Not only can it vanish quickly, but you never know when your car will break down or you need some gas money. These tips are for anyone of any age, regardless of how much you make (unless you make none). Some may be easier for others, but by doing these tips you will surely see your pocketbooks have some green lining!

1. Save Spare Change
I know it may sound super simple, but you would be amazed if I told you that if you simply saved all of your spare change instead of just loosing it like 71% of Americans admit they do, then you could potentially save 10 bucks a week. Think that’s not worth it? That adds up to about $520 a year, or roughly $33,280 in your adult life. That $520 could pay some bills, so remember “A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned”.

2. Sell Things You Don’t a Want (or Need)
Everyone has books, games, or clothes they don’t want or need. Instead of letting them gather dust or throw them out, try selling them on eBay, Craigslist, or at shops like Plato’s Closet. Even team up with friends and have a huge rummage sale. However, it should be noted that not all items are worth money. Do some research before you start selling.

3. BUDGET: And ALWAYS Save More Than You Spend
At the beginning of every paycheck cycle, I always budget for how much I will spend vs. how much I save. I actually manage to always save a little over half, which is hard for most people. However, what you can do is save at least a THIRD. Always think before you buy, and always live within your means. Don’t spend money you don’t have. Basically, be smart with your earned money.

We’ll continue this subject next week, as well as another topic for Tuesday Tips at 6 AM (EST) next Tuesday! Comment your thoughts or suggestions or contact me personally at admin@iammwright.com