TechChatter – Debit Card Safety

First it was the dollar bill. Then the convenience of checks came about. Then it was that little piece of plastic with a magnetic strip to make all of our purchases both in person or in the actual store. Those little cards, either debit or credit, have become a big source of talk over the last few months, especially since the Target system breech when millions of cards’ information were obtained by hackers. Are they safe? With the right protections, you should be able to feel confident (for the most part) when using your debit card.

For starters, let it be noted that using a debit card right now in a public place is slowing becoming a free offer to thefts as many stores and restaurants use Windows XP on their POS systems. As Microsoft no longer supports (as in they won’t update) the OS (Operating System), this means that as the holes in the system become exposed, the easier it is for hackers to obtain access to these systems. The solution? If you can’t avoid using your card(s) in these situations, try signing up for a service that sends you texts when you make a purchase with your card, or download your banking app so that you can see each purchase you make.

If you are using an ATM, make sure it is in a secured area, not isolated, and it by a trusted source, such as a bank or a credit union. Commonly ATMs are becoming collecting grounds for thieves looking for your information, placing skimmers and cameras over the pin pads to obtain your data. Always try to be discrete when typing in your password (put your hand over your typing hand).

And of course, when buying online, make sure you have a STRONG password. It is recommended that you change your password every six months, and if you haven’t done so in a while, do it now. About a month ago, there was a flaw called “Heartbleed” released, which basically exposed all your data, passwords, and information on almost every website to anyone who felt like spending a little time to obtain it. Also, never save debit cards on accounts like Amazon in case your account is hacked.


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Best Free Apps on the Apple App Store. (Week 2)

This evening, I am glad to say we are finally doing my favorite type of app in the App Store: Quick Fix games. (Or in other words, games you can play in an extra five minutes).

Best Quick Fix Games

Winner: Bejeweled Blitz.
This app is not only fun and addicting, but can become fierce competition between you and your Facebook friends. What makes this game great is that it’s only a 60 second burst, so that you can play a full round in spare time. The only downfall is that having not having competition with friends may make it less enjoyable, but still a great, fun app.

Runner Up: Flow Free
This app is a puzzle game where you have to try to solve color-coded patterns and charts. Its downfall is that it can get quite hard and it is confusing at first, but the game itself is quite nice. It really is addicting!

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Best Free Apps on the Apple App Store (Week 1 – Sports)

Let’s face it: there are so many apps out there, but none of us truly know what we would do with half of them. Some apps seem useful, but just don’t fit into our lifestyle. Thus, I have categorized a number of my favorite apps and picked the winner and the runner-up.¬†Each category will be released on Saturday nights, so check out what app is the winner each week!

Best App to Get in the Game 

Winner: CBS Sports App

This app is truly the best all-around sports app on the market. It has a simple home screen where you can see all the scores from the games you choose, and it also provides news about your favorite teams. It’s game-feed feature is the best thing you can get without watching or listening to a live broadcast, and runs smoothly.

Runner-up: ESPN Scoreboard

While this app does what much of CBS Sports does, the app is limited when it comes to news and it sometimes glitchy on the device. However, the app is in no way a bad app. I actually have both.


Next week is best quick-fix games!